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Penny[Sir35] vs Anchorena (GP=5444.4) Gana Sir35.

0 57

Ulquiorra[SARR] vs abate[WXN] (Gp 600 Ptos) Gana SARR INFINITY

3 +2 105


Ulquiorra[SARR] VS abate[WXN] (Gp.2.082 Ptos) Gana SARR

3 +2 101


Juliosbd19 [TORS] vs katari [ASL] (1693,8 puntos)

6 +1 154


Doctora Penny[Sir35] Vs Dragsu[MASO] (GP=5347.2) Gana Sir35.

0 72

Jodaguro[-LR-] vs even[Sir35] , General Panzu[Sir35], Sir Alfred[Sir35] y Parrales[Sir35] // Gana Sir35 (GP44558.2)

1 +1 102

Doctora Penny

Doctora Penny[Sir35] vs CAZZDOR[MASO] (GP=4254.4) Gana Sir35

0 98

even, General Panzu, Carloss, Doctora Penny, ReyLobo, Sir Lanzarote, Sir Alfred, Tyrael, Parrales, javocias[Sir35] vs ELDELTACO, Xavi007, mR1[NoTil] | 50016.8 GP Gana Sir

5 258

Doctora Penny

Sir Lanzarote, Parrales, General Panzu, even, Carloss, Sir Alfred, Doctora Penny[Sir35] vs sir gustahv[NoTil] / 18387.4 GP Gana Sir

1 118

Sir Alfred

Doctora Penny[Sir35] vs Bano[MASO] (GP=21341.8) Gana Sir35

1 122

Sir Alfred

Penny[Sir35] vs Akhilleus[MASO] (GP=3068.2) Gana Sir35.

0 99

Penny[Sir35] vs JuanOtero[MASO] (GP=1555.8) Gana Sir35.

0 116

kabuto[-SiP-] vs Rob Van Dam[-ICS-], NIEVES[-ICS-] Gana SIP [6536 GP]

3 150


Ulquiorra[AS-2] de Lipsi vs Tartesio[-BAN-] de Polis(Generales perdidos 626)Gana AS-2

3 185


Antiguo[AS-2] de Poseidon 2, Ulquiorra[AS-2] de Gaia vs Tartesio[-BAN-] de Kantazo.(Generales perdidos 801) Gana AS-2

2 238


Penny[Sir35] vs CAZZDOR[MASO] (GP=11969.6) Gana Sir35. Top 5 Naval Individual

1 158

Xavi LDU

eltony[L A] vs -GOD OF WAR-[For] 2532puntos GANA eltony

0 110

OSO JUDÍO[-MB-] vs artanis [-]. Gana OSO JUDÍO[-MB-]. 8.427.8 GP

0 71

Penny[Sir35] vs ppjlg[MASO] (GP= 3395.2) Gana Penny

0 85