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Kirby[-SiP-] vs mqemarcela1[LEG] // 2273,4GP // GANA KIRBY !!!

7 +2 547


anulada por ya estar posteada

0 180

Chuwi22 [Sip] vs MCAL TEMPLARIO [ICS] (4024gp)\\\\\\\\ Gana Chuwi

4 355

Sir Dios Morda

[PIKA] Versus[U FDM] Gana [PIKA] 360.420 GP

5 522


El TongaPeñarol y AristidesMach [LEG] vs VIKINGOS [TMP] 1.201 GeneralesPerdidos

2 170


El TongaPeñarol [LEG] vs Zaimo, VIKINGOS, Herakles y Nordico [TMP] 1.867 Generales Perdidos

2 200


El TongaPeñarol, AristidesMach, Lordcommander, TitoFranki y Joseba [LEG] vs groso y sarracenos [TMP] 4.289 GeneralesPerdidos

2 160


Gofo Versus [U FDM] & [-CsA-] ......... Gana [U FDM] .....133.768

1 253


[U FDM] Versus [PIKA] ...................... 399.429 GP

0 97

El TongaPeñarol [LEG] vs ichigox18 [TMP2] 1.862 GeneralesPerdidos

2 84


El TongaPeñarol [LEG] vs Flint [TMP2] 1.109 GeneralesPerdidos

4 195


AristidesMach [LEG] de cemento, Piedra Blanca, CM3, HF-1, Beronike, StoneCity, Lordcommander [LEG] de Piedra Blanca, Cemento, TitoFranki [LEG] de cemento, Piedra Blanca vs Hércules [TMP] de Polis, Curbe8 [TMP] d, ruso14 [TMP] , zaszas [ tmp) GP 9118

5 126


Chuwi22[Sip] vs Rumba [Ics] (4537.2gp) ////Gana chuwi

2 +1 212

Van Halen

Turgon[HELL] Vs Canallita[HDP] ....Gana HDP (895,2 P.G)

0 67