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KORE[FMC] vs miolo[-D-] , GAMBI EL KRAKEN[-D-] 1246,2 gp GANA DANGUEROUS

14 599


GAMBI EL KRAKEN[-D-] , Dark Schrams[-D-] vs KORE[FMC] 1051,8 gp GANA DANGUEROUS

5 169


Dark Schrams[-D-], GAMBI EL KRAKEN[-D-] , vs dani16[-HW-] 748,2 gp GANA DANGUEROUS

4 180

El mas mejor

GAMBI EL KRAKEN[-D-], Triunx[-D-] vs DevilSquare[-RP-] 885,4 gp GANA DANGUEROUS

2 +2 156


GAMBI EL KRAKEN[-D-], Triunx[-D-] vs RzClow[-CB-] 1075,9 gp GANA DANGUEROUS

2 +1 170


bonelaking[-CB-], vs Triunx[-D-], GAMBI EL KRAKEN[-D-] 681,6 gp GANA DANGUEROUS

2 +1 111


GAMBI EL KRAKEN[-D-],Triunx[-D-] vs Laila[-CB-] 741 gp GANA DANGUEROUS

2 +1 191