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Kikogm, Darkray, chef, BRASUCA,(-LBs-) y vass(13T) vs Black04//// Gana Black04//// 93174.2 GP

2 257


BRASUCA(-LBs-) vs Black04//// Gana Black04//// 1036 GP

2 82


BRASUCA(-LBs-) vs Black04//// Gana Black04//// 1300.4 GP

2 110


Black04(E Q) vs Brasuca y OsO YuNgO (-LBs) 2189.8 GP//// Gana -LBS-

2 95


Black04(EQ) vs __Dariuss09__(-LBs-)//// Gana Black04(EQ)//// 2979.7 GP

10 +1 472


Black04(LOCOS) vs hugocasaom(Luffy)//// Gana Black04(LOCOS)//// 1741.4GP

0 120

Black04(LOCOS) vs Alejandría////Gana Black04(LOCOS)////6605.2 GP

0 85

Black04(AMBRO) vs KiNiLoKo(-PDT-)//// Gana Black04(AMBRO)//// 8193GP

1 407


Black04 y -GOD OF WAR- vs Harkonen666//// Gana Black04 y -GOD OF WAR-//// 13322.6 GP

0 133

PRHO vs Krk//// Gana KrK//// 117384.4 GP

33 919


PRHO vs Krk//// Gana Krk//// 48413.2 GP

2 71


Black04 y Jmaiden (KrK) vs xander(PRHO)////Gana Black04 y Jmaiden (KrK)//// 2375.6 GP

4 111


Black04(KrK) vs xander(Prho)////Gana Black04(KrK)//// 2160.8 GP

1 79

Maiden is BACK

MANU_ILICE y Black04(AMBRO) vs Devack y Docheisser (DaCap)//// Gana AMBRO////4371.6 GP

2 142


Black04(AMBRO) vs pirucho(-PRO)////Gana Black04(AMBRO)////3848.4 GP

0 23

Black04 (E Q) vs IAgArTo (PRAPK)//// Gana Black04 (E Q) //// 1214.7 GP

4 39


Black04 ( E Q) vs didi (BIK)//// Gana Black04 (E Q)//// 1941 GP

3 25


Black04 y Burny (E Q) vs PIBE//// Gana Black04 y Burny ( E Q)//// 1278.6 GP

3 29


Black04 (E Q) vs IAgArTo (PRAPK)//// Gana Black04 (E Q) //// 1616.4 GP

2 15


Black04(E Q) vs tito( PRAPK)//// Gana Black04(E Q)//// 1244GP

3 43