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wagner[BOPE] de Jade vs Guzaky[BRUTO] de Avernopolis GP (1,791) Gana BOPE

3 185


Enderr de Azufre I vs Pablo Emilio[BOPE] de QUEMADURA 3, wagner[BOPE] de Polis, Cristal, Xavi007[BOPE] de tvecinabuscasal (GP 1,690)

2 +2 88


Guzaky[BRUTO] de Avernopolis vs wagner[BOPE] de Polis, Jade, PassaPassa ( GP 1863.6)

2 53


wagner[BOPE] de Jade vs Guzaky[BRUTO] de Avernopolis (GP 2,653)

2 85


wagner[BOPE] de PassaPassa, Jade vs Guzaky[BRUTO] de Avernopolis (GP 2,293.4)

1 +1 78

pablo emilio escobar

AnOnYMOuS (BOPE) VS estando (BRUTO) GP 1,550.6

1 +1 109

Luis V

KONOHA[BOPE] de ALDEA DE PAIN, wagner[BOPE] de Polis vs noxferatu[CAZ] de Noxland GP(2,711) Gana BOPE

0 75

wagner[BOPE] vs Healtor[CAZ] Gana BOPE GP(4,573.4)

4 +3 643


wagner[BOPE] de Merlot vs plauto[SAINT] de Lima c GP(1,012.2)

6 +3 442


Mauri92[BOPE] de BOURBON, Cirius[BOPE] de Polis, wagner[BOPE] de Polis vs plauto[SAINT] de Ica hades f Gp(11,659.6)

6 +3 125


wagner[-300-] de P JavaScript, Mauri92[-300-] de P JavaScript, Sorin Markov vs La Muerte[SARR] de Legion Abigor GP (5,162)

4 139


Secreto De Hades 2.0

1 147


wagner[-300-] de Beta vs WYSITinc de uno. GP (1843.5)

0 44

Lord_Morales[-TR-], KONOHA[-TR-, wagner[-TR-] vs Chaim[GODS] (GP 1,852.4)

2 +1 77

Luis V

Wagner de Alpha vs Aritzmuro4 de God Head (Generales perdidos 5099.6)

0 61

L-S vs ASK, gana L-S, (puntos generales perdidos 13,337.6)

1 91


Gmfamily L-S vs Persy cGods Gana Gmfamily L-S

0 22


8 448