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cabo123[LPC] vs WoIf Marc[BRUTØ], even[BRUTØ], tanis[BRUTØ] gana BRUTØ!! (1456.8 GP)

1 39

x6t Halex

Richy[BRUTØ], even[BRUTØ], Hela[BRUTØ], WoIf Marc[BRUTØ], tanis[BRUTØ] vs cabo123[LPC] gana BRUTØ!! ( 9096.6 GP)

5 76


tanis[BRUTØ] vs zeven[LPC] gana BRUTØ!! (5711,9 gp)

3 72


arkariam[BRUTØ] de Sul Fur city vs oscar[LPC] de Valar Morghulis, gana BRUTØ!! (1711.4 gp) (2º parte)

2 44

x6t Halex

arkariam[BRUTØ] de Sul Fur city vs oscar[LPC] de Valar Morghulis, gana BRUTØ!! (2904.8 gp) (1º parte)

2 53

x6t Halex

crysthianr[BIM5], ALcapone[BIM5] vs arkariam[BRUTO], gana arkariam[BRUTO]!!! (8893.4 gp)

3 38


arkariam[BRUTO] vs Wgy so serius [BIM5], crysthianr [BIM5] gana BRUTO!! [1346.2 generales perdidos]

1 41

x6t Halex

tanis[BRUTO], arkariam[BRUTO] vs lele96[BIM5] gana BRUTO! (1074 gp)

2 65


Superskunk1979[ELITE] vs arkariam[BRUTO], tanis[BRUTO] gana BRUTO!!! (1818.8 gp)

1 53


misifu[BRUTO] de Corón, Polis vs gansoguti[COL] gana BRUTO!! (2547 gp)

1 23

x6t Halex

-GOD OF WAR-[ELITE] vs arkariam[BRUTO] GANA BRUTO!!! (1051 GP) ratio 14,4:1

1 38

x6t Halex

Desmond Miles[BRUTO], arkariam[BRUTO] vs Xias[ELITE] gana BRUTO!!! (4615.7 generales perdidos)

7 99

x6t Halex

arkariam[BRUTO] vs Lord Masterclon[ELITE] gana BRUTO!!! (2051.2 generales perdidos)(1:2,9 ratio)

5 88


Alash[BRUTO], arkariam[BRUTO] vs Maty156[ELITE] gana BRUTO!!! (1243.2 gp)

5 115


Xias[BRUTO] , Juli[BRUTO], Wailer[BRUTO], arkariam[BRUTO] vs ika2[ELITE], masterclon[ELITE], sasuke_1[ELITE], VILcasitas[ELITE], gana BRUTO!!! (4949.4 gp)

12 277


tanis[BRUTO], arkariam[BRUTO] vs MarceSID02[-SS-], Sandin[-SS-], gana BRUTO (1943.2 generales perdidos)

1 69