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Memes de Ares

1 +5 392


Tadd, La_Momia, S4n0sUke [-INS-] vs Bucky, KORE [Wtd] gana INS! 12.845GP

1 205


La_Momia [-INS-] vs Pacox [Wtd] 1016gp gana INS

1 +1 152

Señor X

Taipan, Miguel1369, lokiyo [-INS-] vs Dingo [Wtd] (16.873.9) gana INS !

1 +1 240


Meganaval: [-INS-] vs [Wtd] gana INSURRECCIÓN! (46.316)

9 +2 561

Nippur Magnum

Silencer [Wtd] vs Alxndrj [-INS-] (1184gp) gana INS!

0 85

Alxndrj [-INS-] vs Silencer, Aegon[Wtd] (1.166p) gana INS!

0 124

lokiyo, Taipan, miguel1369 [-INS-] vs Dingo [Wtd] (3.6012gp) gana INS

0 138

lokiyo [-INS-] vs Dingo, bass [Wtd] (8.033gp) gana INS

0 143

Alxndri, unstoppableBb, STUKA, CHONOLOCO, etomi, k1ll3r, Picky, Miguel369 [-INS-] vs Aegon [Wtd] (20.691gp) gana INS!

1 123


crawer [-INS-] vs Don_Quijot3 [Wtd] (1376gp) gana INS!

0 118

bass, Dingo [Wtd] vs lokiyo, Taipan, Miguel369 [-INS-] (5983gp) gana INS!

0 124

bass [Wtd] vs lokiyo, miguel369 [-INS-] (2717gp) gana INS!

0 137

etomi [-INS-] vs Aegon [Wtd] (1008gp) gana INS!

1 119


Aegon [Wtd] vs k1ll3r, Miguel369, etomi [-INS-] (4107gp) gana INS!

0 99

[Contador] WANTED [Wtd] vs Insurrección [-INS-]

7 1,638


Bruto [ATR] vs Rodrigo Tito [LIGA] (1848GP) gana ATR

0 +1 45

Bruto vs White-noice (1161.6gp) gana Bruto!

0 47

[Mega Maritima] ATR vs Wtd (24,025gp) GANA ATR!

3 +3 228


Bruto [ATR] vs CONFI, Jozh [LIGA] 1404GP gana ATR!

1 +2 206