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SIR Devastacion[ODG], Harvester[ODG], Mitosis[ODG] vs Wonder Beast[G-O-F] ganador ODG PTS (1370.8)

1 17


TW vs ODG gana ODG pts 124813

5 209


Sir Devastacion[ODG] vs Jaio[UDS] pts 1120

0 20

SIR Devastacion[ODG] vs Nac de Cerdeña, BANKSY[UDS] pts 2124 infinity

0 18

SIR Devastacion[ODG], Joaco[ODG], Mitosis[ODG], marcos100[ODG] vs cone46[UDS]

3 134

harvester 2

H I M A N[ODG], SIR Devastacion[ODG], Mitosis[ODG] vs _MHFH98_[UDS], marzo[UDS], kbar[UDS], Monty[UDS]

1 12


cone46[UDS] vs SIR Devastacion[ODG], Joaco[ODG], Mitosis[ODG], marcos100[ODG] pts 2466

0 13

cone46[UDS] vs SIR Devastacion[ODG], Joaco[ODG], Mitosis[ODG], marcos100[ODG]

0 9

Alebargon[ODG], SIR Devastacion[ODG], Harvester[ODG], dark love[ODG], Mitosis[ODG], tumaestro28[ODG],Lord King[ODG] vs Davids[LSAU]( 217828.8 pts)

4 63


SIR Devastacion[ODG] vs Fosy[LSAU]

3 52


SIR Devastacion [ODG] Lord King[ODG] H I M A N[ODG] Mitosis[ODG] vs Fosy[LSAU] 2 pts

1 19


SIR Devastacion[ODG] vs Lennox[LSAU] Pts 2496

2 24


SIR Devastacion[ODG], Uri Sabbath[ODG] vs Lennox[LSAU] PTs 3122

2 22


H I M A N, SIR Devastacion, Gorbad, wacmania, tumaestro28,kuako , Vero[ODG] vs FERDARK, _MHFH98_, Caramelo, FEET [UDS]

6 41


Fangon (ODG) vs ImDiablito(MYP)

3 42


Sir Devastacion[ODG] vs elfriky[MyP] ganador ODG

4 59


Fangon (ODG) vs ImDiablito(MYP)

0 17

Fangon (ODG) vs ImDiablito(MYP)

2 49


Sir Devastacion[ODG] vs El Flakyto[MyP] ganador ODG

3 89

harvester 2

Sir Devastacion[ODG] vs lordlu, maycol454[MyP]

9 113