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Nagash[LOVER] , Juancho[LOVER] , Diego[LOVER] vs milford[-MaF-] pgp 11729 Gana [LOVER]

40 +1 1,519

Señor X

Nagash[LOVER] de VILLA LIBERTAD vs milford[-MaF-] de Peaky Blinders, pgp 3250 Gana [-MaF-]

4 +1 206

Señor X

Hilo equivocado

3 312


novas_7 - [RED] vs Sataima, Abisay - [LOVER] (PGP 3.045) // Gana LOVER

5 +2 449

Lord Anonymous

I Love You [LOVER] le declara la guerra a Patrulla Roja [RED]

9 1,029


Abisay2, Terim, Silv[LOVER] vs Leunam[300], 4352 GP, Gana LOVER

1 +1 362


sat1[LOVER] vs La Gloriosa22[SARR] 7666 GP GANA sat1[LOVER]

0 155

LOVER vs EDEN, Gilgamesh, gana LOVER, 7187 ptos Generales

3 390


Abisay2[LOVER] de PEREZA vs PARTYRAISER[EDEN] de Polis, Gana ABISAY2, Ptos. Generales 1768

0 175

Abisay2[LOVER] vs Crocodile[-MaF-], Ganador: Abisay2[LOVER], 1061 pts.

8 +2 658


sat1[LOVER] de MUT vs nax94[HONOR] de Humo, Don Vito[HONOR] de Mont-3, Caezar[HONOR] de X-Panzer 1, y otros

3 462


-LR- vs VKO en Duna. Gana VKO. 25449 generales

2 379