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La_Momia, destructor, k1ll3r, EMI [-INS-] vs Antonke [wtd] gp. 26,217 Gana [-INS-]

1 48


CONTADOR Alquimia d Zeus [ADZ] vs Dinastía HIN [HIN]

3 93


Alquimia d Zeus [ADZ] le declara la guerra a Dinastía HIN [HIN]

3 172


EMI [-ow-] vs anitav. Gp. 6217.8, Gana EMI[-OW]

1 25


[-OW-] vs [Wtd] gp.2130.6 Gana [-OW-]

1 24


[-OW-] vs [Wtd] gp.5688 Gana [-OW-]

3 +1 37


EMINENCIA, Hell Dennis [ARMY] vs DIABLO [GoW], Chryz, Valkristt,[BOPE] GP.10110.3 Gana [BOPE][GoW]

16 +2 212


tincho, Deniska, EMINENCIA [ARMY] vs - D I A B L O - [GODS] gp.3045.8 Gana [ARMY]

3 +1 162


EMINENCIA [ARMY] vs Hvitt, Gp.1065.2 gana EMINENCIA[ARMY]

0 39

EMINENCIA [ARMY] vs Hvitt, Gp. 2225 gana EMINENCIA[ARMY]

0 18

EMINENCIA [ARMY] vs Hvitt, Gp. 1893.8 gana EMINENCIA[ARMY]

0 56

Eminencia [ARMY] vs Popeye32 [GODS] Gp 3282 Gana Eminencia [ARMY]

0 +2 45

tincho, EMINENCIA [HIN] vs popeye[gods], Gp. 5744.4 Gana HIN

0 +2 66

tincho, EMINENCIA, [HIN] vs Hvitt,Gp 7588.2 Gana tincho y EMINENCIA

0 19

tincho, Lord Sids, Mind Freak, EMINENCIA [HIN] vs Popeye32 [GODS] Gp 6995, Gana [HIN]

0 +1 51

EMINENCIA [HIN] vs Chryz, Hipócrates, Percebeiro [H1N1] Gp, 2289 Gana EMINENCIA [HIN]

3 +3 86

eminencia DA

Don Nazitho, Realegeno, EMINENCIA [HIN] vs jgian [GODS] Gp. 1689.4, Gana [HIN]

0 22

HIN vs GODS, Gp.11029, Gana HIN

0 +3 50

EMINENCIA [HIN] vs Hvitt, Gp.773.6, Gana EMINENCIA [HIN]

1 23


EMINENCIA, Tincho, Yender21, [HIN] vs Hvitt, Gp.10963.4, Gana EMINENCIA, Tincho, Yender21[HIN]

1 +1 38