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Juan Olivos [-ET-] Vs Ventisca [LPS] 1506.2 Generales Gana LPS

25 +1 526


ZRistal DDD [ZRisD] declara la guerra a Rokers [Rokrs]

3 433



1 488



11 797


Varios [IBVV] Vs Varios ZRisD .....191701,8 puntos .....Gana ZRisD

0 15

Bono, Jota [ZRisD] Vs Depredador22 [IBVV] .....1103.6 puntos ...Gana ZRisD

0 18

Jota, Bono [ZRisD] Vs CXXXVIII, Depredador22 [IBVV]....3138,5 puntos ....Gana ZRisD

0 14

Lola_Mento, Lola123, Aztikul, Lucho76, Insec [ZRisD] Vs Tricometa, Galeon [IBVV]...56406,8 puntos...Gana ZRisD

0 8

Hoplita, Arkadio, Theking [IBVV] Vs Madacama, Jota, Lola_Mento, Tutankhamon2, Charly, Aspiz, Gustavoadolfo08, Aztikul,Pakitus, _Scipion_, Sade, Chocoadicto [ZRisD] ....60596 puntos... Gana ZRisD

0 19

Theking, Arkadio, Santorras [IBVV] Vs Madacama, Gumo, Elricv, Pakitus, James13, Charly,Insec, Jota, Chocoadicto, Lola_Mento, Aspiz, Aztikul, Tutankhamon [ZRisD] ....60907 puntos....Gana ZRisD

0 15

Gumo, Madacama, Scipion, Aspiz, Pakitus, Tutankhamon2, James13, Chocoadicto, Jota, Lola_Mento [ZRisD] Vs Depredador22, ACEBO, ...55353,8 puntos...Gana ZRisD

0 14

Galeon, Urtek, santorras, cehuallot, Rommel, Depredador22 [IBVV] Vs Aspiz, Scipion, Jota, James1,Alejo, Bono, Sade,Tupac63, Chocoadicto, Lola_Mento, Pakitus, Charly [ZRisD] ...116442,8 puntos....Gana ZRisD

0 15

Celia59 [IBVV] Vs Scipion, Leronidas, Jota y Sade [ZRisD]...10762,2 puntos....Gana ZRisD

0 17

Sade, Gumo, Jota [ZRisD Vs Theking [IBVV] ....12074,6 puntos...Gana ZRisD

0 7

Jota, Leronidas [ZRisD] Vs Icaroo [IBVV] 1033 puntos... Gana ZRisD

0 10

IBERVVIC [IBVV] Vs ZRisTaL DDD [ZRisD] Contador de guerra

5 1,132


InSeC [ZRisD] Vs Kakashi, matema, Rubens, durf 1959 [4GaT] ....1362,8 Generales ......2 puntos

1 11

Fenix 12

ZRisTaL DDD & 4Gatos

8 833

Fenix 12

ZRisTaL DDD [ZRisD] declara la guerra a 4 Gatos [4Gat]

5 1,437


Jota, osito asesino [ZRisT] Vs Jh0d4 [4GaT] ... Gana ZRisT

0 23